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What do I need to start a Scoreholio Season?

Any organizer with a normal PRO Scoreholio account can start a season.

What are Scoreholio Seasons?

Players can earn points based on their finishes in tournaments. Seasons are a certain length of time that those players can earn points.

How long can a season be?

Seasons can be any length, from a few days to a few years. Most will find that running a year-long season works best, but we are looking forward to seeing how creative you can be with your seasons.

Can I run multiple seasons?

Yes!! you can run multiple seasons during the same time frames. You can also be a part of other organizers seasons concurrently.

Can I submit a tournament to multiple seasons?

Yes, you can, let's say you have a local club running a small season, and you are part of a state-wide season. You can submit the same tournament to both seasons.

Can I invite other organizers to submit their tournaments to my season?

Absolutely, you can invite an unlimited amount of tournament organizers to submit to your season.

Can I restrict how many of a certain type of tournament ends up on a player's overall ranking?

Yes, you can. In the Seasons Admin portal go to "season setup". There you can create a "pool" the Seasons system will recognize how many tournaments are submitted in that pool and only take the tournaments with the most points earned in the pool. Other tournaments that do not count will be shown on a player profile, however, they will have a strikethrough and will not count towards the overall points rankings.

What is the difference between Division, Category and Type?

The most important thing to know is that Division is the key. Any item you add to "Divisions" the leaderboard can be sorted by. Want to see a leaderboard for singles and doubles? Make those divisions. Want Advanced or Competitive make those the divisions. Anything that is a division can be sorted.
Category and Type are subcategories of the divisions. These two will not have a bearing on the leaderboard, just the value of the points options you create. Want a Men's Singles - Advanced - Main Bracket and a Men's Singles - Competitive - Tier 2? Put Advanced and competitive as Category and Main bracket/Tier 1 as a type. Some like to do drop tiers for their brackets.

What is a Points Option?

Points Options are the amount of points a player will earn based on their standings in the tournament. You can create as many point options as you would like. Tournament organizers invited to your Season will have the ability to submit tournaments results based on the points options you create.

What does "Pending" mean on the tournaments list?

When a tournament organizer submits tournament results to your season they will be marked as pending. You, as the Season Admin, will then have to click manage and approve that tournament for points. If you feel that the organizer submitted the tournament with an incorrect points option or any other reason simply delete the tournament. That will give the organizer the ability to fix their mistakes and resubmit their tournament results.

Refreshing the points leaderboard.

After you have approved the tournaments in your Seasons admin you will have to go to the Player Ranking tab and click the refresh button to update all the player's points. This may take a minute or two so be patient.
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